This is a list of rooms I’ve heard great things about, rooms I’d like to return you, or just general rooms I wouldn’t mind trying.

Great things

  • Tulley’s – I’ve heard some amazing things about Tulley’s. Nethercott manor is their famous one, but apparently, both “Mutiny” and “Outfitters” are fantastic rooms too!
  • The Panic room – These are well known, and although I’ve done 5 so far I can’t wait to return!
  • Lucardo – I hadn’t heard of this one before, but it’s making a real name for itself amongst enthusiasts
  • Pier Pressure – All of their rooms sound amazing. “Loot the lanes” is apparently just like you’ve stepped in the lanes of Brighton, “Modrophenia” is like stepping back in time, and my friends have reported that “Raver Quest” is the room they’ve had the most fun in ever!

Rooms which intrigue me

  • Guildford Escape Room – Venus – This one intrigues me as it’s based on the idea of an AI house. I haven’t seen many rooms where they’ve gone with the house theme, so I’d be interested in trying this out.
  • Lock’d – The House of Alastair Moon – This declares itself “Lock’d most advanced and immersive escape room here in London”, using electronics to “sense and react to the players every move”, so of course I want to try it out!
  • Mission Breakout – This is based in an abandoned Tube Station, which sounds amazing!
  • ClueQuest – Apparently these rooms build a cohesive narrative if you play in order, which sounds pretty fun.
  • Prison Island – This has had a lot of buzz lately (likely due to their intense marketing), but I definitely want to give it a go. This is especially intriguing as it looks more like the Crystal Maze met an escape room in a dark alley and gave birth to “Prison Island” 9 months later…
  • Locked City – Not quite an escape room, but something I want to try nevertheless. I’ve tried a few walking puzzle hunts in London, and I love them to explore the city. I can’t wait to try this once lockdown is lifted! They have also offered a lovely 20% to anyone who uses the code “DISCOM” to book a hunt, so happy hunting everyone!

Rooms to return to

  • The Escapement – Exodus – We played “Pirates of Polaris” and “The Pit” and found them really unique and brilliantly done. I can’t wait to return to try Exodus, and hopefully, they will also be opening their 3 new rooms soon!
  • Komnata – Saint Angelos Castle – I was pleasantly surprised doing “Doctor Frankenstein”, and would like to return to try out this room, which apparently is even better.
  • TimeTrap – I really enjoyed Alice in Wonderland room, so I can’t wait to try their duel room or Great Fire of London room!
  • Other World Escapes – I loved their Pub and Chip Shop rooms, so need to return to finish the trio with the cigar lounge. This is also the same company who are looking to do a ‘soft play’ escape room, and a ball pit room.