This is a list of rooms I’ve heard great things about, rooms I’d like to return you, or just general rooms I wouldn’t mind trying.

Great things

  • Tulley’s – I’ve heard some amazing things about Tulley’s. Nethercott manor is their famous one, but apparently, both “Mutiny” and “Outfitters” are fantastic rooms too!
  • The Panic room – These are well known, and although I’ve done 5 so far I can’t wait to return!
  • Lucardo – I hadn’t heard of this one before, but it’s making a real name for itself amongst enthusiasts

Rooms which intrigue me

  • Guildford Escape Room – Venus – This one intrigues me as it’s based on the idea of an AI house. I haven’t seen many rooms where they’ve gone with the house theme, so I’d be interested in trying this out.
  • Lock’d – The House of Alastair Moon – This declares itself “Lock’d most advanced and immersive escape room here in London”, using electronics to “sense and react to the players every move”, so of course I want to try it out!
  • Mission Breakout – This is based in an abandoned Tube Station, which sounds amazing!
  • ClueQuest – Apparently these rooms build a cohesive narrative if you play in order, which sounds pretty fun.
  • Prison Island – This has had a lot of buzz lately (likely due to their intense marketing), but I definitely want to give it a go. This is especially intriguing as it looks more like the Crystal Maze met an escape room in a dark alley and gave birth to “Prison Island” 9 months later…
  • Other World Escapes – They currently have a pub and cigar lounge, which are unique concepts I haven’t seen before (particularly the pub). This is also the same company who are looking to do a ‘soft play’ escape room, and a ball pit room.

Rooms to return to

  • The Escapement – Exodus – We played “Pirates of Polaris” and “The Pit” and found them really unique and brilliantly done. I can’t wait to return to try Exodus, and hopefully, they will also be opening their 3 new rooms soon!
  • Komnata – Saint Angelos Castle – I was pleasantly surprised doing “Doctor Frankenstein”, and would like to return to try out this room, which apparently is even better.
  • Lock and Code – I enjoyed the two we did here, and want to try their other location (Taunton).
  • TimeTrap – I really enjoyed ‘Rebellion’ (their GoT room), and can’t wait to try their Alice in Wonderland room, or duel room!