Taking a little break from the norm to review something that’s not an escape room!

Jon contacted me through this site to ask me whether I’d be interested in reviewing some birthday cards he has created, which act as pseudo escape rooms. I, of course, said I’d love to, and a few days later I got the cards in the mail.

It was a really lovely surprise, as I genuinely wasn’t sure I’d receive them! Obviously this review is going to be slightly different to my usual reviews, but I will try and keep it as spoiler free as possible (as always).

The cards!

There are currently 3 cards on sale, and you can also buy a card in combination with an escape room board game (Exit the Game).

The cards are excellent quality – they are on thicker card than your standard card shop birthday cards. I was immediately impressed when I picked these up, as that can be the first indication of the quality and care that’s been put into it.

Trying to put myself into the perspective of receiving these for the first time, it’s definitely intriguing when you take them out. There’s no mistaking that this is not your usual birthday card – the bright blue banners make it clear you’ve got something different!

When you open the cards there is quite a bit of text inside, but I found it does perfectly set the story of what you’re trying to do. The entire card, all 4 leaves, contains both plot and clues, which I loved. The puzzles themselves are a similar style, and require similar thought processes, to those you find in escape rooms.

Once you’ve solved the card, you log onto the website to check your answer. This is also where you’ll find some hints too.

I had a really good time doing these cards, although I admit they didn’t take me very long. However, for something like a birthday they’re a great idea, and very satisfying. I genuinely really recommend these, especially for fellow escape fanatics!

You can check the website out here. Feel free to contact me if you have something you’d like me to review!

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